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Lord of the Rings

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1 Michael's Rohan Army List on Wed May 11, 2016 9:45 am

Army List taken from the A5 Softback Lord of the Rings Rulebook 2005

Eomer, Marshal of the Riddermark 75pts
Horse, Bow, Shield, Throwing Spears 25pts

6 Royal Riders of Rohan, Horse and Spears 108pts
6 Riders of Rohan, Throwing Spears and 1 Banner 115pts

Eowyn, Shield Maiden of Rohan 30pts
Horse, Shield, Armour, Spears 21pts
12 Riders of Rohan, Throwing Spears 180pts

Boromir, Captain of the White Tower 175pts
Horse, Shield, Lance 20pts

323 + 231 + 195 = 749pts

27 Mounted Models, FOR GONDOR, FOR ROHAN, TO RUIN!

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2 Re: Lord of the Rings on Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:17 pm

Hi Folks,
I've finally got my ass into gear and registered to join the forum.

For those interested in playing lotr i was thinking of doing either a narrative campaign or a mini tournament whereby players choose forces of say 750pts and battle once against each other using the 6 battle scenarios detailed in the Hobbit rulebook book. The points value can be reduced if everyone would prefer but I have found when drafting a few army lists that 750pts is about right.. The narrative campign would need some work which I'm happy to do however I also understand that not everyone has played lotr before and therefore a good bash up is probably the best way to go and maybe a narrative campign can be played out in the future? I'll put this to a vote but if we were to do a narrative campign it would be good to have at least 6 players 3 Good 3 Evil.

In terms of rules I'd use the new hobbit rules. The core rules have not changed,however, they have made a few suttle changes which makes the game more strategic than under the original rules. For example monsters are more fun and interactive to play with rather making dull S6 attacks monster now have a number of special attacks they can use instead. Weapons such as axes and swords also have special attacks they can use and the way might points can be used has been improved as well. Heroes have also been given special rules to reflect their character. For example Dwalin has the special ability Burley meaning he suffers no -1 penalty when rolling to hit with a two handed weapon or when unarmed. The way forces are chosen is also different and makes games more even, even when using characters such as Aragon, gandalf, Suaron and Azorg being used.

Forces are chosen from either the hobbit books or the lotr books (which are compatible with the new rules).
A force is comprised of Warbands. A Warband is made up of a maximum 12 troops with one captain to lead them. You can have as many Warbands in your force as you wish but each Warbands must be lead by a hero/ captain one of which who is chosen to be your forces leader. An example of a 750 force is detailed below
Army; Azorgs Hunters,
Warband A
Azorg (force Leader)
6 fell wargs
6 Orc Hunters on Fell Wargs
Warband B
Fimbul (captain)
6 Fell Wargs
6 Orc Hunters on Fell Wargs
Warbandn C
12 hunter Orcs

A force can consist of 1/3 of models armed with bows, some armies have special clauses here and allow more than 1/3 of the force to be armed with bows. This is detailed under the relevant army list.

you can also have armies forming alliances with others and have a force made up of Warbands from two forces provided they are legitimate allies. For example rohan can ally with gondor, mordor with Isengard.

Like all GW games you can have matches whereby forces of good fight against one another so if we were to play a tournament and battle against each other once then having a larger number of good forces or evil forces is not an issue.

I have two forces available at present those being

Azorgs Hunter, and a goblin Town force Allied with the Three Trolls. If someone would like to use either of those then I would be happy to use the other.

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3 Lord of the Rings on Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:07 pm

Hello again, Alistair has pointed out that the Hobbit Rules actually has a much fairer system and much harder to abuse. So i think we will be working on this.

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