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Dungeons and Dragons

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1 Re: Dungeons and Dragons on Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:57 pm

Character selection
Race restrictions
No Elves
No Mountain dwarves
No Tieflings
No Forest Gnomes
No dragonborn

Begin at lvl2
If you are a warlock your pact will place you under the command of one of the most powerful entities in my world
If you are a dragon sorcerer you don't need to pick a type permanently you can change with an arcana check
If you are a wild mage I may take artistic licence with some of the wild magic effects
If you are a mage bear in mind that necromancy and enchantment are considered unethical pursuits in many places
If you are a ranger/druid your power comes from the old gods and is tied to the lands you are connected to spend to much time in a city and you begin to lose magical power
If you are a cleric your power comes from either one of the gods of men or one of the adversaries. Pick a type of god and ill give you options. This bond to a god will likely impact your choices

The game
My campaign is fairly laid back with enjoyment being the main goal. It gives players a general goal but allows them to pursue that goal however they choose. This lead to the party becoming fractious and eventually splitting up due to unreconsilable differences. The characters that survived are not wasted however as they still exist within the campaign world as NPC's. If you want to get further along the story than they did I suggest that you rally together and choose to play a party with prior knowledge of each other.

The Start
You have all been hired by the mages guild and one of the five richest merchant princes (Gradon dude is loaded) for an extremely dangerous mission to retrieve the thergulum (an elvish artefact) from a rimworld where it was lost by a previous expedition (all of whom are presumed dead). Why have you taken this mission. That's for you to decide but the reward offered was citizenship in Modonia (a big deal lots of privelige and rights) and enough money to purchase lands or businesses (500,000 gp each). At the beginning you arrive by ship to the rimworld and begin exploring.

Starting equipment
Any armor (non-magical non-silvered)
Any weapon (non-magical non-silvered)
Youll get the rest of your stuff from the boat (as much as you can carry strength x 15)
If you are over 60% of your carry weight you have light encumbrance (-10 move speed)
If you are over 70% of your carry weight you have Moderate encumbrance (1/2 move speed disadvantage on certain checks)
If you are over 80% of your carry weight you have Heavy encumbrance (1/4 move speed disadvantage on more checks)
If you are over 90% of your carry weight you have light encumbrance (5ft move all the disadvantages must make str check to do just about anything)

Travel pace on overland map
Distance Traveled per...
           Minute    Hour     Day          Effect
Fast      400 feet 4 miles 30 miles   -5 penalty to passive Wisdom (Perception) scores
Normal 300 feet 3 miles 24 miles     —
Slow     200 feet 2 miles 18 miles    Able to use stealth

Food and drink
Need 1 pound of food and 1 gallon of water per day.

Stuff you should know
1. magic is rare and people are scared of it
2. racism is a thing
3. Elves are OP and anything elvish is dangerous (ask the guys about the elven dungeon*)
4. Attacking dragon = suicide
5. Rimworlds are full of weird rubbish

Im good with rpol intro and character creation here.

*Seriously matts character got covered in alchemical gunk, cocooned and then drowned/crushed. There were regenerating acid gargoyles, a living wall. Simons brothers variously died or got weird super powers

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2 Dungeons and Dragons on Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:39 pm

Hi All, Ben is setting up a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign, i am hoping to get the Handbook from Amazon soon.

Questions i have are:

1. What flexibility will we have with character selection?
2. For those without 5th ed hand books can we organise a character creation here on the forum?
3. Can i recommend that perhaps we introduce our characters using Rpol?

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