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Codex Kill Team Space Marines

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1 Codex Kill Team Space Marines on Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:03 pm

Will have to work on a Codex Name as its more a Kill Army rather than Team, Codex Zenos Hunters probably.

Anyway the codex is going to be loosely based on the Space Wolves Codex due to being an Elite Force. To Quote men in black "The best of the best of the best, Sir!"

First Change id Like to do is Kill Team Scout Squads, as opposed to young Space Marine Initiatives, these are dedicated behind the lines squads of lightly armoured Space Marines.

Using a more Normal Space Marine Tactical Marine Profile of:
M:4, WS:5, BS:4, S:4, T:4, W:1, I:4, A:1, LD:8

Obviously they are in Scout armour and can infiltrate, Ben proposes that they get a special rule of being able to re-roll a one when shooting. Now before you say wtf?!! next comes the costings, 27 Points each, Bare in mind CSM Veterans have BS 5 and can infiltrate and have Power Armour all for the handsome price of 35 points each.

so a 5 man Kill Team Scout Squad is 135 Points, The Veteran in charge of the squad has the same profile. Add 5 Sniper Rifles and this squad is 185pts.

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2 Re: Codex Kill Team Space Marines on Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:10 pm

Starting now in the Codex break down, we are talking about force organisation first off, now I want to mix this up,with the percentages as well. As I believe percentages are fairer and more balanced.

For example if you did 2 troop units and 1 HQ, this is virtually impossible with a 500 point force unless you definitely have scouts, one of the changes to combat this is having squads at set sizes, in shirt you'll be able to buy them by the man but have a max size of unit instead, so no 50 devastator marines (obviously they'd still only get the 4 heavy weapons max)

Speaking of devastator marines, I'd cap them at a 5 man squad can have 2 heavies etc etc.

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3 Re: Codex Kill Team Space Marines on Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:18 pm

Force Organisation

Up to 10% on HQ / Character choices, also a cap on external war gear cards of 10pts per card. Also the addition of a lieutenant officer position as well. Force has to have a minimal of one character.

50% minimum on troop choices, this includes, Scout Infilitrators, Tactical veterans, veteran assault marines / vet jump pack assault marines, devastators, terminators, rhino and bikes / scout bikes.

Up to 25% Support, dreadnought, land raider, predator, whirlwind, land speeder and attack bike.

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4 Re: Codex Kill Team Space Marines on Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:58 pm

HQ - Upto 10% with a minimal of 1 choice.
Space Marine Captain
(Stats and details to come shortly, including a detailed list of options, like in 8th edition fantasy)

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