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Simple interest?

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1 Gorkamorka on Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:52 pm

All things Gorkamorka, let's gauge some interest

Resources: www.gorkamorka.co.uk

Okay, please make a post if your interested, state which hang you'd play, mutie, ork, gobo, ummie etc

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2 Re: Gorkamorka on Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:57 pm

Okay heres my Gang:

I'm going for a Morka Gang, (Essentially rev heads)
The ZagGargs (Meaning Fast Moving and Terrifying)

My Nob, Spartaaacas
12 Teef
Choppa 1
Kannon 3

Spanner, Anarmayous
6 Teef (Driver of Naparm (Trukk))
Six Shoota 2
choppa 1

Spanner, Aggron
6 Teef
Six Shoota 2
choppa 1

Boy, Crixass
5 Teef (Gunner of Stabba)
Choppa 1

Yoof, Gaahnicas
3 Teef (Gunner of Naparm)
Choppa 1

Yoof (Driver of Stabba (Trakk))
3 Teef
Choppa 1

Trukk (Naparm) 20 Teef
Scorcha 8

Trakk (Stabba) 15 Teef
Spear Gun 9

100 Teef

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3 Re: Gorkamorka on Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:08 am

Ben gang

Removed a yoof upgraded some yoofs to boyz. Would like the doc skill but doesnt fit the play style to be morka. Want them to be nutters. Will just use docs serjery extensively and say that its morkula doing it. Explain any bad results with the fact that hes mad

Rob wants to play some of this next time im up so i made a Gorka gang with the idea that its lead by a Mad doc whos been kicked out for his eksperiments. Doctor Morkula has since recruited a group of idealistic boyz to achieve his goal of making an ork whos more ork than any uvver ork mostly by frankensteining boyz together and pumping the result full of combat stims.

The gang is called Morkulas Chopshop Boyz and they tend to be closecombat oriented and mostly fearless because they know the doc can stick em back togevva.

Trukk (Da medikal tranzport) 20

Nob 12 (Doctor Morkula)
Flak Armor 2
Uge choppa 2 (Da ampatashun Mekanizm)

Spanner 6 (Peglegged Jokk) Driver:Da medikal tranzport
studded armor 1
Detatchable pegleg (Club) 1

Boy 5 (Brog)
Studded armor 1
2 x choppa 2
Frag stikkbombz 3

Boy 5 (Nogga)
Studded armor 1
2 x choppa 2
Krak stickbombz 5

Boy 5 (Chulp)
Studded armor 1
choppa and shield 2

Boy 5 (Zurb)
Studded armor 1
choppa and chain 2

Yoof 3 (Miglim)
choppa and six shoota 3

Yoof 3 (Rokktom)
choppa and spear 2

Yoof 3 (Plonk)
Uge Choppa 2

(Hi Ben, I propose that since your gang is themed, that your first skill for your leader or spanner can and should be the doc skill, even though your gorka)

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