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Mikes Collection

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1 Mikes Collection on Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:07 pm

Thought id make a start on this one:

Witch Hunters (Complete)
Skaven (incomplete)
Magazines and Terrain (Inc)

Redemptionists (C)
Cawdor (Inc, I need a heavy model)
Goliath (C)
Escher (Inc, I Want the alternative heavy and leader model)
Orlock (C)
Spyre Hunter (C)
Arbites (Inc, Need to construct what i have and see what i need)
Magazines (Inc)
Terrain (Inc, need ladders and gang ways building)

2 Ork Gangs (C)
Grot Gang (C)
Ummie Gang (Inc, Need an extra truck, gonna use the Genestealer cult one), Note this is not a digga gang, but a home made construct

15mm Fantasy
Human Army (Inc, long way to go)
Orc and Goblin Force (Inc, long way to go)

Space Marine, Kill Team (Inc, Long way to go)
1 captain
12 Close Combat Marines
4 Terminators
3 Jump Pack Marines
Tactical Marines

Imperial Guard (Inc, Rough Riders, Hellhound and possible more infantry needed)
Orks (Almost Complete, want some Commandos and Tank Bustas)
Tau (C)
Tyranids (AC, Want another Lictor)

Lord of the Rings
Rohan (Not Sure)

Blood Bowl
Human Team (C)
Amazon Team (C)
Elf Team (Inc, haven't got it yet)
Got a new Boxed games and all the Rules though.

After this i will do an entire break down of each force.

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